Chief’s Choice Turnout Gear Wash



Strong Enough for Cleaning Heavily Soiled Turnout Gear Yet Gentle Enough for Everyday Laundry Washing Needs.

Cheif’s Choice the trusted brand of firefighters and other professionals who rely on personal protective equipment to do their job. Chief’s Choice Turnout Gear Wash protects you from carcinogens and other harmful chemicals that accumulate on gloves, jackets helmets and the rest of your uniform. You can add 2 to 4 ounces to a standard wash depending on the level of soil. If your gear requires hand washing, mix 4 ounces per gallon of water, apply with a brush, let your garment dry and then rinse with plain water.

Your safety matters. This wash solution has been carefully developed to ensure the safe cleaning of all firefighting turnout gear and other PPE. Chief’s Choice Turnout Gear Wash is proven to be effective on outer shells, moisture barriers and thermal inner fabrics. You’ll be clean and compliant when you use Cheif’s Choice. It meets all recommendations set forth by NFPA 1851, 2008 edition, related to detergents used for the cleaning of turnout gear.


Chief’s Choice Turnout Gear Wash

  • pH below 8.0
  • Biodegradable and environmentally safe
  • Non-corrosive to metal snaps, clasps, or zippers
  • Concentrated formula
  • For machine or hand washing
  • Leaves no residue

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1 gal, 30 gal, 4 x 1 gal, 5 gal, 55 Gal, 275 gal


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