Built In Laundromat Trash Containers


Built In Laundromat Trash Containers help you keep your commercial laundry or wash, dry and fold tidy and comfortable. They tilt out at the top for intuitive usage. Self closing design keeps waste out of sight and out of mind. It can be used on one or both sides of compatible Sol-O-Matic laundromat furniture.

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Built In Laundromat Trash Containers

  • For Sol-O-matic© TFD Tables
  • Compact Design
  • Can Be Factory Installed Under All Style Folding Tables Only
  • Containers Tilt out at the Top for Easy Use
  • Self Close to Hide the Clutter
  • Can Be Used on One or Both Sides

(These Units Are Made to Order and Take 6-8 Weeks to Ship.)

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Chrome (Standard), Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Gray, Almond, White


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