Personal Protective Equipment for Cleaning

Personal protective equipment (PPE) used by fire fighters, hazmat workers and other professionals that encounter volatile materials must be thoroughly and regularly cleaned to function correctly and prevent health risks. At Eastern Laundry Supplies, we carry a full range of PPE cleaning equipment and solutions for laundromats and dry cleaners who handle such items as well as government and private businesses that utilize in house cleaning. We offer a full range of specialty PPE cleaning solutions like Fire Wash Liquid that will not degrade functional elements like reflective trim and metal components, Mask Cleaning Solution Concentrate that cleans and disinfects toxins as well as body fluids in gas masks and other face wear and CitroSqueeze PPE Turnout Gear Cleaner which will increase the life of Nomex and Kevlar clothing. You will also find all the equipment you need for PPE cleaning like automatic dispensers, hydrostatic pressure testers and portable decontamination systems.

Laundromat and dry cleaning entrepreneurs founded Eastern Laundry Supplies to provide individuals and entities who utilize commercial cleaning as part of their business with a one-stop-shop for all their materials and equipment. Competitive pricing and commitment to customer service have positioned us as the first choice for those shopping for PPE cleaning and all of your laundry supplies.

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